Creativity takes courage

-Henri Matisse-

Cocreation with me…

…for fashion companies & designers

Maybe you have already made the experience that it can be complicated to explain your ideas to a knitwear technician, no matter where he is located. This technician explained to you, that she or he is not a designer, just somebody who is programming the knittingmachine, thats it! And you are not the one who can help him, to explain how to get exactly the result you have in your mind. I promise you: all will be much smoother and easier when you have me on board.

We meet, when ever it is necessary 1:1. The trend is getting more and more common to work remote, via skype- or zoomsessions many issues can be easily clarified! We can start from scratch, when you work on your new collection concept. I can also help you with yarn sourcing, colours and moodboards.

During this period, we develop together what will be transferred into beautiful and eye-catching knitwear. We fix which ideas to be followed and I start with the sketches. I draw the template for the knitted surface, what makes it much more easy for you to imagine how the knit will look like. On the other hand the CAD template is essential for the knitwear manufacture, no matter in which part of the world he is located. Tech specs, stylesheets and measurementcharts are a matter of course.

Further on, I do all the necessary technical follow up for you and show you step by step the development until the final result: the first sample and salessample. Always with an eye on your collection deadline.

…for knitwear manufactures

You are a producer of knitwear and sometimes it is stressful to meet the requirements of your customers regarding special designs?

I can be the missing link between you and your customers. As well as I can transform ideas for a fashion company, I can be also helpful on your side! Especially if support is needed regarding templates for your knitting machines. Maybe your technicians are too busy to draw for hours and hours. Here I can make the first step for you and your programmer has just to do some little adjustments.

It will be much faster and easier to source out a part of this work to me. Or I mediate between your customers and your company to establish the needed understanding, of the customers requirements and your skills. I worked for many knitwearcompanies and I know how difficult it can be to explain your workflow to a fashion company which is not familiar with the process of industrial knitting.

Questions? Just ask!

Will this be a beneficial partnership for my company?

  • If you want to have your own unique knitwear designs, definitely yes!

  • If you are specialized in woven garments and you want to start with knitwear, definitely yes!

  • If you don’t have knitwear designers who can make templates in your company, definitely yes!

  • If you have already knitwear designers in your company, but none of them have the time to work on special templates, definitely yes!

  • If you are tired of copying year after year samples you buy from competitors or borrow from your knitwear factories, definitely yes!

  • If you are a busy knitwear company who needs support for templates, definitely yes!

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